St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (JIM)

St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (JIM)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (JIM), St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) is affiliated with Bharathidasn University, Tiruchirappalli. It offers a PhD. Programme in Management primarily to equip students with the necessary skills to identify and carry out scholarly research contributions for the betterment of society. It admits candidates with outstanding academic credentials, curiosity in learning and well-disciplined behaviours. It provides the research scholars with a diverse set of opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and research in the functional areas of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Systems. The Faculty have a close interaction with research scholars and help them in their research and professional growth and are committed to training individuals to publish quality research papers with an international standard.

Full-time research scholars spend three years to complete their PhD. The first two years of rigorous coursework provide the requisite theoretical foundation and in-depth understanding of the respective areas of specialization. After completion of the course work, the scholars are eligible to make their synopsis presentation and submission of the thesis.

JIM welcomes you to join the PhD. Programme and be a part of the JIM Family.



1.      Focus on frontiers of knowledge management research.

2.      Provide research manpower needs of academia and industry to skilled individuals with exceptional analytical ability in the specialized research area.

3.      Provide rigorous interdisciplinary training in all areas of business management with the ability to conduct cutting-edge, publication-quality research of international standards.

Core Values.

1.      Intellectual honesty and Professional ethics.

2.      Gaining insight into interdisciplinary research and learning

3.      Exploring knowledge creation processes in all areas of business.

4.      Promoting learning skills through teamwork.

5.      Creating industry interface learning.